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Grooming Children And How To Stop It

What to do at the State Level

The regulation of morality has been a big part of American culture up until 1965.

There were laws for sodomy and even cohabitation, and for a long time, even exposed breasts were banned from American TV shows. The Hays Code, for example, was designed specifically to reign in licentiousness in American film in an attempt to prevent the chain of events that have culminated in the slippery slope we see the results of today.

Not only is this a major moral battle in the culture war for the next generation, but all of these things are a direct violation of the religious beliefs of Christian students in these schools.

If Christianity is no longer welcome in public schools, why should something that directly violates the religious beliefs of students be?

Coupled with anti-abortion bills, bills that challenge Obergefell v Hodges, laws that are tough on crime, and pro-gun legislation, this combination will help keep red states red and keep blue state refugees from migrating and taking over conservative areas.

Conservatives need to stop legislating according to the moral framework the left has molded for them, and instead legislate according to the Christian understanding of morality.

It is extremely important for parents to be educated on the history of ‘queer theory‘ — and as we have reported in the past — understand that this sort of content is more prevalent at home than at school.A tidal wave of gay representation has washed over children’s TV shows and movies, with a 222 percent increase in LGBTQ characters and stories between 2017 and 2019 alone.