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Eventually, People are Going to Get Sick of These Blacks


Watch this video. It’s 21 seconds and it communicates so much about what is happening right now.

Blacks have now been unleashed.

  • Fighting these blacks on the street is pointless. Even if it wasn’t controlled by feds (and it all will be), there is no end goal to it.
  • This system is irredeemable. It is 100% satanic, God has abandoned it, it is doomed. There is nothing left to save.
  • Some of you will be drawn to a movement to fight the blacks and Antifa on the street. But that is the point – the feds know you will be drawn to it. That is their game.
  • enjoy your life, and wait for the collapse

Call Me By My Divine Pronoun

From now on you have to call me, “Your Highness.” I’m not a Mr., Mrs., Miss, Mz, man or woman or any of those other things. From now on call me “Your Highness” and do what I say! Here all this time I thought I was a man and turns out I’m not; I’m a god!
And just so you know, I’m suing the world for making me think I’m a man all this time. Not only will you serve me, but you will pay me.

Helping Others

Here is a little more commentary on the White man who tried to help that stranded Black couple. I agree with Taylor on this but would not decline the opportunity to help the Black. I’d call the police.

I’m making a joke out of this of course. It is a difficult situation we are all being squeezed into. I’m just trying to do my best to handle the pressure. I guess the best way I can explain myself is to say don’t look at me as being on the offensive, hating Black people or Jews or anyone else, but look at me on the defensive protecting my family and my race. Don’t mess with us and you won’t hear from me. I’m only speaking about these things because I am being attacked.

I’m not anti God like maybe some of you are. He has hated one worlders from the beginning of time.

Gen 10:5 From these the coastlands of the nations were separated into their lands, every one according to his language, according to their families, into their nations.

Other Insanities

Lack Of Money Isn’t The Reason Our Culture Hates Children

  • It is an existential crisis for a nation if its women do not want to have children, or if they do not want to raise any children they do have. A dozen women photographed for a glossy spread may be a tiny and completely unrepresentative niche, but the attitudes they exemplify and amplify permeate and damage our neighborhoods and homes.
  • Parents owe their children this affirmation of existence, just as children owe their parents respect and gratitude for being given it. So what Filipovic is truly calling for is for media outlets to amplify hatred: Parents’ rejection of their own children’s existence. She wants to see a kind of living abortion. Abortion is indeed the overarching motif of this worldview, both literally and figuratively.
  • So it is no coincidence that a “child-free lifestyle” cannot develop many adherents without widespread access to and acceptance of surgical abortion,
  • Purposeful infertility is so contrary to nature that it requires violence to maintain.
  • What is abortion if not the most brutal form of child abandonment? There are many others in which children’s suffering is more hidden. In every manifestation, however, feminism’s cultivated brutality hacks apart the bonds between mother, father, and child that are crucial to societal happiness.
  • The New York Times is nothing if not committed to helping the ruling class divide people to keep them dependent.
  • Yes, our nation did just hit its lowest birth rate ever and yes, that presents an existential crisis for our bankrupt Ponzi scheme welfare state. Yes, the sexual revolution’s nuclear hit on the nuclear family has caused skyrocketing anxiety, depression, identity crises, social disorders, ADHD, narcissism, psychopathy, and other neuroses.
  • money can’t solve selfishness.
  • Raising a strong family needs to be re-promoted as the entire point of a career and an economy,
  • Doing a great job at this requires giving up things you like, such as money, sleeping at night, uninterrupted TV watching, and going to the office every day for 45 years in a row.

Race Distortions: West Point Cheaters

75% Of Cheaters In Latest West Point Scandal Are Athletes; 24 Are Football Players. Anything Else USA TODAY Might Tell Us?

Above, apparently reporting race is important when minorities graduate, but not when they’re caught cheating.

USA Today reports that the latest cheating scandal at West Point involves 73 cadets; 55, or 75 percent, are athletes [West Point cheating scandal involved mostly athletes, including 24 football players on Liberty Bowl team, by Tom Vanden Brook, December 30, 2020].  

Of that 55, 24 are football players.    So 43 percent of the 55 athletes caught cheating, and about a third of the students caught cheating, are football players  

My rough count of the team’s roster shows that about half of the team’s players are identifiably black.   

Question for USA Today’s Brook:

  • How many of the 24 football player are black?
  • How many are white?
  • How many are “other?”
  • And what about the other athletes?
  • What sports do they play, and
  • what is the racial breakdown of those cheaters?  
  • Asking for a friend …
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