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Corona Virus Is Making Nationalism Go Viral

Did you know that 72 countries have implemented travel bans on China? Did you know that President Trump has issued a travel ban on any foreign national who has traveled within China over the last 14 days? In the age of the virus epidemics, nationalist inspired border security is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re going to take a look at how the corona virus is having the effect of reawakening a nationalist revival around the world that will have implications that far outlast this latest epidemic.

What’s With Wheat

If you have wondered or sensed a growing number of people becoming unhealthy it is not an illusion. Health is failing because our food is failing because our ground is failing.

“The story of wheat is the story of food. Our wheat has change dramatically, it doesn’t even resemble what it used to look like. Not only are we seeing more wheat and gluten sensitivity, there is also a strong connection between gluten and autoimmune disease. Tens of thousands of people are suffering with ill health and don’t realise it’s a result of the food choices they are making. Some assume it is part of their genetic make-up of the body changing as they get older. People need to become educated, knowledgeable and aware. They need to start making changes to improve the health of their children and future generations.”

What's With Wheat from What's With Wheat on Vimeo.

Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds – The New York Times

Can you feel the water level rising like it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights?

“Oh that I had wings like a dove. For then would I fly away and be at rest. Lo, then would I wander far off and remain in the wilderness. I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest.” Psalm 55


Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds – The New York Times

  • Something startling is happening to middle-aged white Americans. Unlike every other age group, unlike every other racial and ethnic group, unlike their counterparts in other rich countries, death rates in this group have been rising, not falling.
  • In middle age, they are dying at such a high rate that they are increasing the death rate for the entire group of middle-aged white Americans, Dr. Deaton and Dr. Case found.
  • “It is difficult to find modern settings with survival losses of this magnitude,” wrote two Dartmouth economists,
  • But suicides alone, he and Dr. Case realized, were not enough to push up overall death rates, so they began looking at other causes of death. That led them to the discovery that deaths from drug and alcohol poisoning also increased in this group.
  • They concluded that taken together, suicides, drugs and alcohol explained the overall increase in deaths.
  • With the pain and mental distress data, Dr. Deaton said, “we had the two halves of the story.” Increases in mortality rates in middle-aged whites rose in parallel with their increasing reports of pain, poor health and distress, he explained. They provided a rationale for the increase in deaths from substance abuse and suicides.

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