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Genocide Blackout

As seen at https://t.me/tkrofficial/29037

What have been the effects of these protests and counter-protests thus far?

1. Increased support for Israel and Jews among their core support demographics.

2. Wall-to-wall MSM coverage of these events, all the grossest form of propaganda for the Jewish interest.

3. Bipartisan “Antisemitism” legislation that nullifies both the freedom of religion and free speech clauses of the 1st Amendment.

4. Increased public support for the ongoing Israeli genocide against the Palestinians.

5. Plans to import Palestinians into the USA to both continue destroying America, and to aid and abet both the aforementioned genocide and the Greater Israel Plan

6. Virtual blackout of the former top story, the invasion at the border.

7. Jews getting everything they want, basically

Whistleblowers And Publishers Are Different

Who Runs Our Media

Who Does Not Run Our Media; Jews Do.  

Julian Assange: What’s At Stake

Controlling Another’s Tongue

How do you know that the things you know are not full of their indoctrination?  Are you getting information outside of their dominant influence and control?

Foundations of Conservative Media