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About Religious Exemptions

Can you get a religious exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine? | KSL.com


    • So what exactly are the requirements for religious exemptions, especially in Utah? Would religious beliefs against vaccination, based on personal revelation outside of the official doctrine, qualify for a religious exemption? If so, would that claim stand up in cour t?
    • It also has to be a religious issue, not just apprehension about the vaccine.
    • “What is going on in the vaccine situation is that people may have different kinds of fears about the vaccines or different kinds of information, but that doesn’t necessarily qualify something as a religious belief,”
    • And even beliefs that meet both criteria don’t automatically get a pass. For instance, he continued, if a modern-day Abraham were to sacrifice a modern-day Isaac in the middle of Salt Lake City, he would still face criminal charges, even if he claims God told him to do it. “A sincere religious belief does not automatically immunize you from the force of the law,” Durham continued.

      At a state level, he said, there needs to be a compelling reason for overriding sincere religious be liefs that cannot reasonably be achieved another way. In the previous example, that would be preservation of life. In the case of COVID-19 vaccinations, the interest in public health and protecting people from possible illness, hospitalization and death might be strong enough to override a religious exemption.

    • When personal religious beliefs lead to a different stance than that of a traditional faith, it is possible to claim what’s called “conscientious objection,” Durham said, but he added that is “rare and hard to establish.”
    • Employers have more flexibility when determining qualification for religious exemptions. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are required to accommodate employees’ sincerely held religious beliefs unless it would cause “undue hardship” on “de minimis” or small level for the business.
    • “A good employer will try to accommodate religious beliefs, but they are not required to if the risk is too high,”

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Get Off Of My Lawn!

Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church in California continue to face attacks from authorities for refusing to comply with the county’s order to cancel all indoor worship services. In the local government’s latest abuse of authority, Los Angeles County said that the church will be evicted from a piece of land they have used for a parking lot for the last 45 years—if the congregation continues to meet in person. This is certainly targeted discrimination against Grace Community Church and a clear violation of their constitutional rights.

The above map was taken from the court document found here.

This is a google map. The area closest to the church building does seem to be very problematic.

Ignorant Or Evil…What’s Really Behind The Shutdown Madness?

The coronavirus models have been so spectacularly wrong that it’s hard to believe it was just incompetence. As we move from “lockdown to flatten the curve” to “lockdown until coronavirus disappears” who and what are behind this seeming descent into madness? What about the economic collapse – was coronavirus a convenient distraction from what was already cooked into the cake?

The Backlash Is Here: From Michigan To Kentucky The People Are Rising Up

Mass protests are breaking out across the United States against the tyrannical “stay at home” orders and forced shut-downs of businesses deemed “non-essential.” More than 20 million are suddenly unemployed and they are demanding to know why, with seasonal flu deaths often even higher than those predicted for coronavirus, they are forced into joblessness, poverty, and despair by a political class that faces none of these things.

How The Police State Uses Crises To Expand Lockdown Powers, With John Whitehead

Great report I hope many listen to and act upon.
How much do you love liberty?
Freedom does not come from government.
Learn a new meaning of “deep state.”
Go home; Stay home; Shut the door; roll in the tanks; cut the internet; game over.