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Vanguard vs Musk

As read elsewhere… “When we talk of the anti-white agenda, one of the most over used arguments we face is that: ‘it’s just business, it is about profit and there is no malice in such policies’. Elon Musk attempting to buy Twitter disproves this critique. Musk’s offer was around 38 per cent above the market value of the company, giving each shareholder a massive return on investment. However instead of taking such a generous offer, those in control of Twitter would rather do anything other than accept said offer. This is because those in control of Twitter are not as concerned with profit as they are about pushing the anti-white agenda. It wouldn’t matter what figure Elon Musk offered, to those in control of Twitter, pushing the anti-white agenda and locking nationalist voices out of the platform is priceless.”

Vanguard Holdings Acquires 10.3% Stake In Twitter, Dethrones Elon Musk As The Largest Shareholder

    • Vanguard Holdings, a Pennysylvania-based investment company has become the largest shareholder of Twitter after acquiring a 10.3 per cent stake in the company, according to a regulatory filing. The company now owns 82.4 million shares of Twitter. Notably, on April 4, Elon Musk acquired a 9.2 per cent stake in the microblogging site, thus becoming the largest shareholder of the company. 
    • As per the report, “Vanguard isn’t making a directional bet on Twitter. Instead, the majority of its assets are in the index and other so-called passive funds. The firm often sides with management on voting issues and doesn’t advocate for changes like a hedge fund or activist investor might.”
    • The development comes hours after the Space X and Tesla CEO offered to buy Twitter worth $41.39 billion. He has offered $54.20 per share, at a 38 per cent premium to the closing price of Twitter’s stock on April 1, the last trading day before Musk bought the majority stake in the company. < !– /react-text –>

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Parent Power

Pretty powerful pack of punch right here. In the Bible, the revivals started with a call to bring the Book, the Law, and the reading of it. They had forgotten the Law and consequently forgot who they were. Likewise, in many of our cases, we don’t know who we are and what our own law says so we get run over. Here is a good example of parent power over their school district.

APS to pay $40K to parent after failing to respond to IPRA request

    • Albuquerque Public Schools is shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to a parent after failing to hand over public records.
    • She filed more requests in January and July of 2021 but never received the records or a response from APS. Under the Inspection of Public Records Act, the district has to hand over records within 15 days or give a legitimate reason why they can not fulfill the request.
    • Under a settlement reached this week, APS must release those records within five days and pay Jenson $40,000. It also requires the district to shore up its Inspection of Public Records Act procedures and make sure it has enough staff to respond to requests.

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