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Remember Critical Race Theory In 1997? O.J.

Back In 1997, The NEW YORK TIMES Had The Courage To Report That Critical Race Theory Was Self-Serving BS | Blog Posts | VDARE.com


”The problem with denying any objective reality,” she said, ”is that there is no way of mediating among the competing perceptions of reality except power. And what they ultimately want is more power for their perceptions.”
”Surely the most striking example of the influence of the critical race theorists on the American legal system is the O. J. Simpson case,

Eventually, People are Going to Get Sick of These Blacks


Watch this video. It’s 21 seconds and it communicates so much about what is happening right now.

Blacks have now been unleashed.

  • Fighting these blacks on the street is pointless. Even if it wasn’t controlled by feds (and it all will be), there is no end goal to it.
  • This system is irredeemable. It is 100% satanic, God has abandoned it, it is doomed. There is nothing left to save.
  • Some of you will be drawn to a movement to fight the blacks and Antifa on the street. But that is the point – the feds know you will be drawn to it. That is their game.
  • enjoy your life, and wait for the collapse

Covid: Made in the USA, aimed at China

The Covid BioWeapon: Made in the USA, aimed at China, by Mike Whitney and Ron Unz – The Unz Review


  • “…..we are left with the strong likelihood that Covid came from a laboratory (and) was designed as a bioweapon… China was the intended target (and) America seems the likely source of the attack… The most likely suspects would be rogue elements of our national security establishment… The virus and its dispersal devices might have been obtained from Ft. Detrick and CIA operatives… would have been sent to Wuhan to release it.” Ron Unz, Editor of The Unz Review; from the text
  • Do you think recent developments lend credibility to your explosive theory or do you now believe that Covid-19 was merely “accidentally” leaked through human error?
  • Is this the smoking gun? In other words, do these two “attacks” on enemies of the United States strongly suggest Washington’s involvement?
  • Question 3– Shortly after you published your explosive piece suggesting US Intel agents may have been involved in releasing Covid-19 among the Chinese and Iranian people, your website was deplatformed by Google and banned on Facebook? Would you briefly explain
  • Question 4– There’s a part of your theory I have a problem with. You say: “CIA operatives or members of special forces (may) have been sent to Wuhan to release “(the virus) This could be true, but why do you exclude the possibility that Chinese scientists may have been working either secretly with their US counterparts (Baric, Fauci?) or that the Chinese leadership is cooperating with foreign elites and Intelligence agencies to help them implement authoritarian policies in their own countries?
  • So what do you say to those people who think that the United States would never use a bioweapon, like SARS-CoV-2 , against an enemy?

BlackRock, Koch Robbing Future Homeowners

New Rising: David Sirota: BlackRock, Koch Robbing Future Homeowners – Occidental Dissent

New Rising: David Sirota: BlackRock, Koch Robbing Future Homeowners

Daily Poster:

“Billionaire Charles Koch’s foundation has bankrolled three conservative legal groups leading the court battle to eliminate prohibitions against tenant evictions during the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, Koch’s corporate empire has suddenly stepped up its real estate purchases during the pandemic — including making large investments in real estate companies with a potential financial interest in eliminating eviction restrictions.

In the last few months, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Pacific Legal Foundation, and the New Civil Rights Alliance have been pushing federal courts to strike down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium, which is designed to protect millions of Americans from being thrown out of their homes during the pandemic. The groups have so far won two rulings. …”

Blackrock Buying Up Thousands of Houses So You and Your Descendents Can Be Renters In The new “Service” economy

  • According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, roughly 200 investment firms are buying tens of thousands of homes — and sometimes entire neighborhoods — raising prices, and competing with middle-class Americans looking to take advantage of low-interest rates and buy their first home.
  • A combination of investors swooping up single-family houses to rent out or flip, some of the lowest interest rates in history, and a housing shortage has caused home prices to surge, pricing normal people out of being able to purchase a home.
  • Over the past several months, investors have made up around 25% of home purchases.
  • investors accounted for about a third of sales in many markets.
  • After the crash, the government incentivized Wall Street to step in where individual home buyers were not. In 2012, the federal government launched a program that allowed corporations to easily purchase foreclosed homes by the thousands from Fannie Mae.
  • Rather than protecting communities and making it easy for homeowners to restructure bad mortgages, the government facilitated the transfer of wealth from the American people to private-equity firms.
  • it has fundamentally altered housing ecosystems, fueling a housing boom without a homeowner boom.
  • more than 200 corporations and investment firms are in the housing hunt. J.P. Morgan Asset Management and BlackRock Inc are among the biggest players, competing against everyday Americans in search of their first home. Most are being priced out easily by billion-dollar companies. Builders like LGI Homes Inc are wholesaling thousands of homes to bulk buyer investors. Investment manager PCCP LLC – which typically goes after commercial property – recently bought several rental-home communities throughout the Southeast.
  • Americans should not have to compete with Blackrock and other corporations in pursuit of the American Dream.
  • The Fed’s cheap flood of money sells Main Street out to Wall Street. This is the war on the little guy. This is the war on small business. This is central planning’s ultimate nefarious plan.”
  • BlackRock just bought your town so what? It’s a free country
  • for the future economy, the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030 ‘you will own nothing, and you will be happy,’ and that anything that you want or need, you will simply rent from a mega-corporation.