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Finkelthink Deep-Dive

Where did negative campaigning come from among other thing we see in our corrupt politics.  Why do democrats and republicans hate each other?  There is an answer.  When the choice is between stupid and corrupt why do you vote for  the corrupt?

Don’t Fink Me Bro: FTN’s Ultimate Finkelthink Deep-Dive


    • If you’ve ever wanted the collection of ground-breaking FTN Finkelthink deep-dives in one place, we’ve got you covered. Beginning with revealing the so-called “Russian” collusion of the 2016 presidential election as distinctly Israeli in origin, Jazz and James take you down a series of rabbit h oles that explain the concept of Finkelthink and how it facilitates the artificial dichotomy of “democratic” politics in White countries around the world that many attribute to a broken system. This political dichotomy, or “kosher sandwich”, has been constructed as a means of blunting White political ambitions by pitting intentionally divided conservative and liberal factions against each other while promoting Jewish hegemonic interests; White genocide above all else. Have a brother, uncle, or friend stuck in the dead-end paradigm of America’s two-party system? This is for you.

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Belarus Forces Plane to Land to Arrest ZOG Propagandist

These people are all hypocrites. If they cared so much about journalism than how come they aren’t raising a stink about all the journalists and media people who have been persecuted by ZOG?

Julian Assange immediately comes to mind but then you have numerous people myself included who have been censored and blacklisted from every technology platform imaginable.
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Israel and Palestine: This is Not Your Fight

Abridged version.

Israel and Palestine: This is Not Your Fight – Identity Dixie

  • The most recent troubles between the country calling itself Israel and the other country calling itself Palestine has ignited a number of passions within the Dissident Right.  I would argue that the broader movement believes that Israel – because it is Jewish – is “bad” and therefore, by extension, Palestine is “good.”  There are, of course, others on the Civic Nationalist and even Southern “Patriot” spectrum (not to be confused with Southern Nationalist) who still hold to the belief that Israel is a blessed state and it is incumbent upon Christians to defend Israel.  They see things in two ways: (1) a Dispensationalist belief in the sanctity of the Jewish people and Israel; (2) Muslims have been killing Westerners – especially Americans – for decades, and thus, all Muslims are our enemy.Let me be clear: neither side is good.This is not your fight, Southern Man – or, for that matter, any White man, including those of Europe.  Neither Israel nor Palestine – and by extension, Jews and Muslims – have any interest in the advancement or preservation of the South, the Southerner, or the European.  In fact, both are overtly hostile to our causes and people.  Consequently, as sides are drawn between those who support the latest Intifada because they hate Jews, and others who support Israel because they mistakenly equate a country to the Biblical Israel, I recommend you choose Jesus Christ and your Nation.Avoid the Israel-Palestine entrapment.
  • This is not your fight, Southern Man – or, for that matter, any White man, including those of Europe.  Neither Israel nor Palestine – and by extension, Jews and Muslims – have any interest in the advancement or preservation of the South, the Southerner, or the European.  In fact, both are overtly hostile to our causes and people.  Consequently, as sides are drawn between those who support the latest Intifada because they hate Jews, and others who support Israel because they mistakenly equate a country to the Biblical Israel, I recommend you choose Jesus Christ and your Nation. 
  • The Talmud is explicit regarding its hatred of both Jesus Christ and Christians.  Throughout the defining texts of Judaism (noting that beyond the first five books of the Old Testament – the Torah – Jews generally disregard the sanctity of the rest of the Bible), the Talmud states that “Yashu (Jesus) is boiling in Tzoah Rotachat (hot excrement)” for eternity in (Talmuhd: Gittin 57a) Gehenna (a Jewish variant of Hell).  Meanwhile, the Virgin Mary is described as a whore: “She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters” (Talmud: Sanhedrin 106a).  The passage of Shabbath 116a explicitly states that the New Testament – the Gospel teachings of Christ Jesus and the Salvation of mankind – must be destroyed.  In fact, Christians are not even human beings according to the Talmud (Baba Mezia 114a-114b).A country that is predicated on apostacy – not only a rejection of Jesus Christ but the belief that His followers are sub-humans – is not blessed by God.Of course, this sub-human element manifests itself in the treatment of Christians in their own, home countries.  Jews have been at the forefront of nearly every destructive practice in Western civilization – from the elimination of prayer in school to pornography.  They are also ideologically leftist and as such, usually the flagbearers of devastating policies – whether they be Culturally Marxist (Weimar Republic; Modern United States) or Communist (the Soviet Union).  The geography called Israel is the home base of a people who actively work toward the eradication of Christian virtue and Eurocentric societies.It makes more sense when you see the outcome of misplaced Israel worship.The geography claiming to be Israel was established in 1948 by a Marxist global body, the United Nations.  Since 1948, the United States has remained steadfast in its support of that Israel while becoming increasingly more hostile to the Church (the real Israel).
  • Now, that stated, let me address the Palestinians – for they are only marginally better. It is true that there are Palestinian Christians who are suffering under the Jewish yoke in Palestine. To them, I pray they are eventually relieved from this globally imposed and enforced subordination. But at that, my sympathies for the Palestinians end.
  • From its inception, the Palestinian cause has been tied to the broader Marxist, anti-Colonial struggle – read “anti-White.” While I am well aware that the Palestinian and Irish Nationalist causes often supported one another, both rhetorically and materially, the alliance was one of ideological convenience. The Soviets and various anti-White global powers sought to disrupt those whom they deemed to be colonizers – such as, the British in Northern Ireland, the Jews of Palestine, and the White descendants of primarily Dutch settlers in Rhodesia and South Africa. This alliance was one designed to expand an anti-White coalition to offset the strength of the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which was largely a White defense bloc. Although the Irish are White, their struggle in Northern Ireland was a rare exception of Communist support for a (White) Nationalist movement. The vast majority of Marxist supported nationalist movements were anti-European and that includes the Palestinians.
  • Today, anti-White Palestinian aggression is found from Dublin to Detroit. Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D, MI-13) is a great example. She – like most of those in the Democrat Party – is extremely aggressive in her virulent hatred of White people and the Constitution. Her overwhelmingly Palestinian-Muslim district supported her by more than two-thirds of its votes in the most recent election, indicating their support for an elected official who has called for outright ending law enforcement. She has often demonized White men in her rhetoric and took direct aim at White Christians. Interestingly, despite calling for an end to traditional law enforcement, Tlaib supports the creation of a law enforcement body designed to target Dissidents – who are, primarily, White. Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Oman (D, MN-5) and Tlaib’s fellow “Squad” member said in a ridiculously absurd statement, “I would say that our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.” But it does not end there…
  • Palestinians enjoy broad based support from their long-time allies in Ireland, especially Sinn Fein. Of course, this is the same Sinn Fein that now openly advocates for homosexual marriage, transgenderism, draconian Covid lock-downs, an eradication of Catholic morality, and demographic replacement of the native Irish. In other words, Sinn Fein espouses the very same corrosive Cultural Marxist ideologies of Judeo-Bolsheviks, while using Muslim migrant voters to secure those policies in Ireland. This leads to a cyclical pattern of voting for the expansion of one policy in order to feed other policies. Palestinians in Ireland support the replacement of the Irish in their home country. The very same coalition of pro-Palestinian, leftist political entities in Ireland are leading the way in the expansion of African and Middle Eastern migration into Ireland. With each new migrant, Sinn Fein gets closer to the Weimar Republic it hopes to eventually secure.
  • How does the Palestinian leftist help the majority of Irish Catholics who will soon find themselves as a minority within a country that fought more than 700 years to establish? Ironically, while Irish leftist political parties support a ban on Israeli-made goods because they are made on “illegal colonial settlements in Palestine,” various Muslim migrants – including Palestinians – are voting to displace the Irish on their own home. With allies like that, who needs enemies…
  • The Irish, of course, are not alone. In Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm, Muslim migrants are aiding the demographic displacement of the native European peoples and with that displacement comes ever increasing degeneracy as part of corrosive political platforms that seek to fundamentally destroy White society. While the vast majority of these Muslims are not Palestinians, Palestinians overwhelmingly support their fellow Muslims and/or leftist ideologues politically, and weaponize their plight for sympathy from Europeans who are either anti-colonialist Left or anti-Jewish Right – sometimes, a mixture of both.
  • The fact is, neither Jew nor Palestinian is worth our support. They hate us equally. The only difference is a manner of means. Jews control significant swaths of political, media and banking power – especially in the United States – that is then weaponized against White Christians, especially in the South. Palestinians, along with other Muslim migrants, are playing an increasingly critical role in the power of leftist political dynamics in Europe, which is translating into faster demographic displacement of native Europeans. Both are bad.
  • Consequently, when asked, “Who do you support – Israel or Palestine?” Your answer should be simple: “I support my White Christian Nation.” (Whatever that Nation might be.)

I think That’s Odd

Democrats and Republicans United over the Pandemic?

Democrats and Republicans United over the Critical Race Theory?

Democrats and Republicans United over the Gender Identity?

Democrats and Republicans United over the Weather?

Democrats and Republicans United over the The Right to Life?

Democrats and Republicans United over the The Right to Bear Arms?

“It is utterly insane that supporting Jews and Israel is the only issue that both the Democrats and Republicans can come together on.”
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