Satan Strikes Back in Waukesha

JOHN DERBYSHIRE Returns To Quiet Despair After Satan Strikes Back In Waukesha, Charlottesville, Brunswick GA–But Not Surrender | Articles |

  • this a private prosec ution because law enforcement authorities didn’t think the case was strong enough. In a classic example of lawfare, wealthy Leftists are trying to buy injustice—specifically, by beating down poorer political enemies to deprive them of their First Amendment speech protections.
  • The combatants were very unevenly matched. On the one side were front organizations for the Ruling Class: superbly well-financed, politically well-connected, lawyered up the wazoo. On the other side were a scattering of individual Dissidents.
  • Travis and his father, who had both had law-enforcement training, honestly believed they were protecting their neighborhood against a criminal. Travis tried to hold the suspect in place until police arrived. He used a shotgun for that purpose, on the reasonable suspicion that Arbery might be armed. Arbery tried to wrest away the gun. If he had succeeded, Travis would surely have been shot, and he knew this.
  • What was he supposed to do? Where is the malice, express or implied?
  • What felonies did McMichael, Senior and William Bryan commit?
  • The case was such a good fit for the Mean Lynching Crackers Narrative, neither judge nor jury had to do any thinking. They just had to follow the narrative. Mean Lynching Crackers chase down and shoot angelic black jogger? Guilty!
  • The video shot by William Bryan, which shows Travi s McMichael and Arbery struggling for Travis’s shotgun, was not known about until the defendants voluntarily gave it to the authorities, on the assumption that it would help prove Travis was acting in self-defense [EXCLUSIVE: Man charged in Ahmaud Arbery murder leaked original video of the shooting,, May 15, 2020].

    With their narrative spectacles firmly in place, the jury somehow saw it differently. White guy shooting black guy! Guilty!

  • And please remind me, Mr. D.A.: What was it that invalidated the overall approach we had until a few years ago? The approach, I mean, of locking up violent criminals in prisons and mentally ill people in asylums.
  • Can we preserve a rearguard of good sense and civic nationalism in small towns and Red-State communities while the big national centers of power and wealth succumb to a crazy ideology?

    If you want a frank prediction, I doubt we can

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